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Who we are

The FÉBÉ Home for the Elderly was opened in 2004. It belongs to the Tóvidéki Reformed Church and is being operated by the FÉBÉ Foundation. At our home we welcome elderly people of all nationalities, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The FÉBÉ home is a furtherance of Tóvidéki congregation’s vision to offer a Christian solution to the problems of society. At present we have 25 residents living in rooms of 2 and 3 beds. Our professional and accredited services offer help on a daily basis in age related illnesses, with special consideration to every individual’s needs in making the twilight of their lives a more pleasant experience. This is accomplished by the varied programs we are offering, targeting the physical and spiritual wellbeing and reducing the feeling of isolation of our elderly residents. We pay special attention to the care of those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers disease and to palliative care, in a close, helping relationship with the dependant families. In our small, family-like environment, with the help of 13 employees and 5 volunteers, we provide care and nursing on a 24 hour basis. Four meals a day, doctor’s attendance, regular programs, special services (hairdresser, manicure and pedicure) outdoor activities and excursions make the life of our elderly more colourfull.

Our staff

Our full time staff is made up of 3 medical nurses, 6 qualified aged care workers, 3 social workers and a cleaner. A doctor has been contracted to conduct a weekly check up of our sick. 5 permanent volunteers are helping in the care of our elderly, in the organizing of varied activities and special services.

Our plans

We’ve been planning for a long time the building of a larger home for the elderly. This plan seems to come true as in 2016 the CNI (National Investment Company) based in Bucuresti, has accepted the financing and building of a nursing home for 70 people in Cluj, Str. Mures 20-22. The plans have been drafted by architect Csaba MÜLLER, and hopefully the construction will start soon. In the new home there will be 1 and 2 bed rooms, and a separate floor for those suffering from dementia. A self contained kitchen, large living areas, a furnished backyard and garden will offer adequate conditions complying with current standards. The future plans for the existing FÉBÉ nursing home are for it to become a home for disabled youth.


24 hours a day we offer help with the performance of daily tasks as : dressing, washing and bathing, medication, and helping with mobility, paying special attention to keeping independence within safe conditions.

Nursing and medical care

Our team is made up of several professions: a doctor, nurses, social workers and carers. They are constantly assessing the arising problems with the purpose of finding the best solutions in the care of the elderly. Three full time medical nurses are looking after the necessary treatments: medication, bandaging, injections, intravenous therapy, monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar, treatment of bedsore wounds, etc. The elderly suffering from illnesses are visited weekly by our doctor or taken to the surgery as needed. We have access to medical specialists: psychiatrist, neurologist, cardiologist, diabetologist, dietitian, dentist who can visit our residents. If needed we can transport the elderly to the surgery or hospital with our own vehicle.

Therapeutic activities

We are providing a variety of activities to our residents with the aim to reduce their loneliness and to enable them to feel useful and active. These activities are individually tailored according to the capability of each resident and they enable our staff to gather valuable information regarding the best ways of improving communication and in helping our human resource management. The aim of the regular activities is to slow down the progress of dementia in patients that have this disease, to reduce the process of ageing and to increase self esteem. Next to the individual occupations we also provide group activities such as games that improve the memory, corporate singing, crafts and gymnastics. Communal celebrations, reading groups and participation at the weekly church service are are on offer as well. Two full time social workers and casual volunteers provide activities that have therapeutic benefits. The weekly activities program is as follows:

Special events

Birthdays are celebrated. Open days are organised several times a year and we invite the family members and those interested to garden parties. We welcome visiting groups from kindergartens, schools and choirs. We organise musical afternoons with visiting artists and we celebrate religious festivities. Also, residents can enjoy excursions and walks.

Special services

We have a regular Sunday afternoon Church Service performed by the pastor of the Tóvidéki Reformed Church.


Gigi Campan

"After visiting several nursing homes in and around Cluj, we have found that which we thought to be suitable for our aunt, the FÉBÉ home for the elderly. Humane conditions, a feeling of comfort and cleanness. A home in its proper meaning. Thank you, FÉBÉ!!!"


"The FÉBÉ Home for the elderly is a home with many grandparents, who receive lots of love, care and comfort there. Thank you to all staff for their devotion and sacrificial service."

How long can one stay at the home?

Residents can stay at our home to the end of their lives if their family feels the need for it. We have renewable yearly contracts.

What is the cost of the monthly care and what does it cover?

At present the fee is 2400 RON. This does not include medication and other necessities used in the management of incontinence.

What can the elderly bring into the home?

Residents can take into the home some of their own furniture, tv and ornaments that will make their environment more homely.

Is there a waiting list and how do I get on it?

Yes, there is a waiting list. Please fill in the Application Form to get into it or drop in to do it in person.

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